Friday, December 15, 2017

LIFE WITH MOM Technoloty

I’m a genius!

That’s what my mom and her husband tell me every day!

Since my arrival, I’ve updated their WiFi and cable boxes.  I showed my mom how to download the app to her phone for her cable company which allows us to troubleshoot her cable through her phone.  Does this make me a genius?  It certainly does to someone who lacks the technology skills!

My mom’s husband Vern is scheduled to have surgery to receive a pacemaker.  The doctor’s office sent a heart monitor for him to wear to monitor his heart 24 hours a day.  The monitor arrived in the mail and all you need is a little technology know how to get started; an easy task if you understand how to connect the device to the Bluetooth sensor.

I found myself doing something I never would have thought I would do; attaching a heart monitor to the someone’s chest!  Since my medical know how stops at CPR training I found myself in unfamiliar territory, but I managed to get it all hooked up only to discover they had sent two identical charging cords instead of two separate cords for the monitor and the sensor.

Once again, my mom and Vern called me a genius for knowing how to figure it out.

When you think about the word “genius” it’s all relevant.  How does one get to be a genius?  By not being afraid to try new things and being able to step outside of the box when you want to learn something new or create new opportunities.

Watch a 3-year old with an iPad and they will boggle your mind at what they can achieve because they have no fear of “doing it wrong.”  They just keep pushing buttons and clicking different areas until they get the desired results.

As adults, our beliefs about what we “can’t do” often hold us back from showing the world the genius gene we possess!  But when it comes to generations, how often do we find ourselves getting impatient with someone who believes they lack the knowledge or the understanding to learn new things?

When my mom chooses to lower her vibrational energy by convincing herself that she lacks the knowledge or the understanding to learn something new I find myself faced with two choices: either I can do it for her or show her how to do it.

Most of the time my mom is a willing student and is very eager to learn and celebrate at her own level of genius!  When she forgets what I taught her (or convinces herself that she doesn’t remember) it gives us the opportunity to have new conversations with new questions, so she can understand how she allows her own limiting beliefs to hold her back.

Life is all about choices.  We can choose to believe that we lack the genius that we see in others or we can choose to step up to our own brand of genius.  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  What comes easily to some can be a struggle for others; patience, a kind word and a willingness to share our knowledge can go a long way.

Relationships are all about strength yielding to strength; where one is weak, the other is strong and together they compliment each other!  

If you find yourself in need of bridging the mother/daughter gap, it’s important that you understand how your own limiting beliefs can make this gap wider until you are ready to master your own beliefs around what you believe your relationship is all about! 

Nancy Mueller ~ Life Empowerment Sensei

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