Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Third Kind of Secret…

There are secrets that make our life exciting and are full of positive energy, such as waiting to surprise someone with the perfect gift.

There are secrets we keep out of necessity; secrets we aren’t ready to share with the world because they’re too painful to talk about or we fear we’ll be judged by others if they’re brought out into the open.

The third kind of secret is the secret we keep from ourselves; the things we can’t or won’t face or admit to ourselves that keep us prisoner in our own mind.  The third kind of secret can be the most damaging to our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 

The third kind of secret stays with us because of something we aren’t yet ready to face (addictions, the REAL relationship between you and your mother, an abusive spouse, how you really feel about your boss/job, your level of self-worth, etc.)

We keep the third type of secret because we aren’t ready to face the reality of our situation, or we have a belief that, “that’s just the way life is so I’d better suck it up and get stronger or I’ll fall apart.”

The third kind of secret is often the most damaging, can be kept for years (or our whole life) unless we’re open to asking ourselves one question: “Is that true, or is it simply what I’ve always believed to be true based on what I was taught and who my teachers were?”

Once you ask yourself this question (and are open to the answers), the third kind of secret will have little or no power over you.  You have the power to eliminate any secret based on a limiting belief, but first, you must admit the secret exists.

How do we begin to dig up long buried secrets that we buried out of fear, shame, guilt or the lack of knowledge that anything that brings on a feeling of negativity is never a burden we’re required to carry?

You can begin to let go of the negative energy surrounding the third kind of secret by asking yourself these 4 questions:
  1.  What feeling, or belief can I let go of right now?
  2.  What feeling, or belief will I let go of right now?
  3.  What feeling, or belief do I need to hold onto for just a little while longer?
  4.  How will I celebrate the fact that I have let go of the feelings or beliefs that were the cause of my negative beliefs?

The third kind of secret disempowers you.  The fear of what “might” happen is always worse than what actually does.

Life Is All About Choices
Nancy Mueller ~ Empowerment Sensei for Women